Commercial Tinting
Commercial Tinting

There is a wide variety of commercial film options to choose from. You can select the degree of heat rejection and the colour or shade of film to suit your needs. There are films that provide a modern, reflective look while others are available in a variety of striking colours.

If you are looking to increase your protection against shattered glass or dangerous shards, JWF Safe Plus Safety & Security films are constructed from a durable polymer film with an aggressive adhesive system to help hold glass in place during breakage caused by environmental effects, vandalism, violence or even bomb blasts.

Glazing system technology has changed significantly over the last 10 years... If your building was designed and constructed before recent glass innovations became available, the original windows may not be performing at an optimal level.

An updated glass system, taking advantage of today's advanced window film products, provides improved temperature control while significantly reducing air conditioning costs.

In addition, window film protects furniture and other office products against fading caused by damaging UV rays. It will also increase security and safety and enhance the overall appearance of your building.

We understand the challenges facing building managers today as they try to incorporate cost-efficient ways to improve day to day operations. Increasing occupant loads require more thermal control and aging HVAC cooling systems lose their efficiency, especially at peak heat periods. While window replacement is a complex and costly solution, commercial window film application is a practical and efficient option.

• Enjoy Savings and Comfort Year Round
• Protect Your Buildings Interior and Occupants
• Enhance the Beauty of You Buildings Exterior
• Reduce the Level of Annoying Glare
• Increase Overall Worker Productivity

Anti-Graffiti Film

Anti Graffiti Tinting Unfortunately, vandalism is a part of our everyday life. From spray paint graffiti to smash-and-grab robbers, property owners and managers are in a constant battle against this menacing threat. Finally, there is a solution to combat this ever-growing problem - anti-graffiti film. With a unique polyester construction bonded with special adhesives, the film provides protection for glass, metal and non-porous surfaces. A unique adhesive bonds the film to glass allowing the film to stay attached longer and makes it harder for smash-and-grab robbers to be successful. The film can easily be removed and replaced, which provides store managers with an inexpensive, time-efficient solution versus replacing a damaged piece of glass or surface. It’s also optically clear and is undetectable to the naked eye. The film has a scratch resistant coating that helps to prevent ugly scratches. Easily cleaned with everyday household window cleaning products, it can be utilized in a variety of locations such as department stores, schools, malls, trains, subways, bus shelters, store display cases, bathroom mirrors & stalls, and elevator doors.

Benefits :

• Special adhesives – allows the film to bond to glass making it more difficult to smash-and-grab
• Tough CST scratch-resistant hardcoat – protects glass and other surfaces from graffiti, keying and other types of scratches
• Optically clear – fools vandals and provides an undistorted view
• Replaceable – easy peel off and replace means cost savings
• Blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays – reduces damaging fading to valuables

Cut Energy Costs

As part of a corporate energy-saving policy, a high performance solar control window film was applied to the glazing of a ten story office headquarters in Stains, Middlesex.

A subsequent energy-saving analysis calculated that the building achieved an annual saving of £7,274 at the current energy prices.

The film, called Duralux 500 and made by Madico, reduces the effect of the sun's rays on the building by rejecting over 79% of solar energy by both reflecting and absorbing the sun's rays.

Less solar heat enters the building which keeps the interior at a more even temperature all year round, ensuring that the air-conditioning functions at a more economical rate and makes the cost savings possible.

The solar control film was installed on the external face of the glazing working mainly from cradles suspended from the roof of the building.

The use of an exterior grade film made it unnecessary for the installers to enter the office premises to fix the film; hence no interruption to the office routine was caused during the works. Because the film is applied to the external face of the glazing, it reflects heat away from the glass surface back into the atmosphere.

As a result, the glass is not subjected to the high levels of heat gain that could occur if the film were installed on the inside. This avoids the possibility of the glass in the double glazed units cracking as the result of thermal stress.