Sophisticated Protection

Keep your car looking flawless with our professionally fitted paint protection film (PPF). PPF is a near invisible, self-healing layer of armour that protects your car’s paintwork from damage caused by everyday use and environmental factors. Paint Protection Film creates a strong, reliable layer of protection against stone chippings, bird droppings, minor scuffs and other road damage.


We use Suntek Clear PPF which offers sophisticated protection with a high-shine finish and we ensure a perfect fit by computer cutting our film on site using our extensive library of precision templates that match each vehicle’s unique shape based on year, make, and model. 


We have a range of flexible packages available offering you the perfect level of protection for your needs – from bespoke options to full coverage – all professionally applied by our highly trained team and benefiting from a 3 year manufacturers limited warranty. 


To find out more check out our Frequently Asked Questions. Or to find the perfect paint protection package for you get in touch today. 

Benefits of Paint Protection

Advanced Protection

Your vehicle’s finish will stay flawless for longer with protection against damage from rocks, salt and other debris

Stain Resistance

Paint hue stays true to its original colour with protection against yellowing and stains from dirt, oil, tar and bugs


Its self-healing technology repairs scratches naturally with heat from a vehicle’s engine or the sun 

Nearly Invisible

An optically clear layer of defence for your vehicle

Precision Fit

Film is computer cut on site using precision templates to ensure the film is trimmed to tightly hug each vehicle’s unique shape based on year, make, and model


A rigorously tested technology that’s backed by a 3 year limited warranty