Transform & Enhance

Our window tinting film can transform and enhance your car giving it a custom look whilst increasing safety and security and helping to protect against the sun.

We use only the highest quality films on the market ensuring excellent clarity and durability and benefiting from a 3 year manufacturers limited warranty.

Levels of Tinting

We offer 5 levels of tinting – Ultra Light Smoke – 75%, Light Smoke – 50%, Smoke – 35%, Midnight – 20%, Limo – 5%

Window Tinting Shades

Benefits of Window Tinting


Darkened glass helps to conceal views offering added privacy for you, your passengers and your valuables


Offers an extra level of safety in the case of an accident


Helps to resist thieves


Helps the interior of your vehicle stay cooler and reduce air conditioning use


Blocks up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays


Helps protect your interior from the damaging effects of the sun, reducing cracks and fading

Clear Communications

Our carbon window films are metal free so won’t interfere with electronic devices in the car

To find out more check out our Frequently Asked Questions. Or to find the perfect tint for your car or get a quote get in touch today.